Words over Waltham Forest event

22 Sep

How many local people now remember the Winns Avenue School strike, Leyton Gas Works, Jones the Butchers in Wood Street, the Palace Theatre…?

A century of social and technological change has transformed life in Waltham Forest, our streets and buildings, home life, work and leisure activities. As the years go by, fewer and fewer people remember how we used to live, and local events that once made national headlines are forgotten. On Saturday 16th November, you can hear the past come back to life in the words of ordinary people whose stories shed new light on the history of our community.

A presentation highlighting a selection of these vivid, dramatic and moving stories, some including memories dating back more than a hundred years, will take place at 3pm, 3.30pm and 4pm. There will be opportunities for you to share your own memories of Waltham Forest and perhaps make a short recording to add to the WFOHW archive at Vestry House Museum.

You can also drop in at the Waltham Forest Archives and Local Studies Library and the Photo Collection for an introduction to the service.

Please note the Museum and Community Room are wheelchair accessible, but the Archive is only accessible by stairs.



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